Kids Party Party Buses, Limos, And Charter Bus Rentals

Having a party bus rental is a great way to have fun with your friends. Party buses are great for special occasions like birthdays and weddings, or just for taking out on the town. If you’ve been considering using one of these transportation services, here are some of the benefits that might put you over the edge: Space – Compared to most limousine services or charter buses, party buses tend to have more room for passengers. The average size is about 40-50 seats total, but there are also options for smaller groups who want something more intimate. Cost – In addition to having larger spaces than other vehicles such as limos or charter buses, part buses also tend to cost less per person than other options in terms of both hourly rates and nightly rental fees. This makes it easier on your wallet when planning an event where money is tight!

Kids Party Bus in MemphisKids Party Bus Rentals Memphis

There are several party bus rentals that you will find from our agency in Memphis. These are perfect when you are planning for a special ride about town. If you wish to take the kids out for a special occasion and simply party on the go, we deck up our limo coaches as kids’ party buses and ensure that our little customers have a great time on board. There are limos for hire as well that are perfect for small groups. You will find our vehicles like bus rentals for trips well upholstered and luxurious. They come with amenities that one would love to use as well as the service and aid of professional drivers.

Kids party buses & limo rentals near me

Kids Party buses Memphis


  • Seek out our party bus rental Memphis service through our website or finding our contact details through the regional directors. We offer a varying range of passenger party buses and coaches that can be booked as per the head count you have in mind.
  • There are motor coaches, shuttle buses, charter buses and others like party school bus rental that work well for different bookings. These can seat passengers from 14 to 50. You would be able to book a coach or bus as per the kind of occasion you wish to celebrate for instance party bus for birthday parties.
  • There are different limos and premier vehicles that we offer for hire through our limo service Memphis. These include brands and models like the Cadillac Escalade, Chrysler 300, Ford Excursion, Mercedes Benz, Lexus and others like BMW or Hummer Limo These are great for small group celebrations about town. The 1 day limo rentals come fitted with different amenities.
  • We offer shuttle buses and limos for hire that are perfect for seating groups of 2 to 14. There are limo cheap rentals that are great for prom events as well.

Kids party bus and limo service prices in Memphis Tennessee

Kids Party Bus Rental Memphis


We offer attractive prices when it comes to the limo rentals or party buses on hire. The rates are decided as per the number of people traveling, hours of hire, distance to be covered and amenities you wish to use. We also offer discounts on different packages from our agency.

Things to do

Kids party bus rentals Memphis


There are several places worth checking out when you are at Memphis:

  • Graceland; this is a famous venue to visit as it was the former home of Elvis Presley.
  • National Civil Rights Museum; here one can check out the racial equality movement documents and exhibits.
  • Beale Street Historic District; here you can catch different Blues music events.
  • Mud Island; it is a favorite destination of tourists with amphitheaters and museums. It also has a scenic river setting.

These are some of the several places to do sightseeing when you are in town. Hire one of our cheap party bus rentals that will get you around the town with your group as your own exclusive ride. You can even party on the go and take the kids on a field trip.

Why Choose a Kids Party Limo With Party Bus Memphis?

Your kids will love being chauffeured in a limo. It’s a great way to get them to the party, and it will give them something to talk about at school the next day. You can also use our party bus for a variety of other occasions when you need safe transportation for children:

  • Birthday parties
  • Sports games
  • Field trips

Kids Limo Service & Party Bus Memphis Prices

Party Bus Memphis prices are very affordable. If you are looking for the best prices and kids limo service, then call us today. We can provide you with a quote over the phone or schedule your kid’s party bus rental online. Our experienced staff will help to make your next party memorable!

Perfect Transportation Solutions

You can count on Party Bus Memphis to provide your children with the best transportation solution. Our limo services are perfectly suited for kids birthday parties, proms and other special events. We have a large selection of vehicles that will help make your children’s day memorable and fun.Our company has been in business and is well-known for providing reliable service at affordable prices with no hidden fees or surprises at the end of the ride. We offer prompt pickup from your location and drop off at another destination within a reasonable distance of where you need to go without charging extra fees for travel time or mileage costs which helps keep costs down for you!

Attractions To Visit In Memphis

Memphis is a city with a thriving culture and we have some great places to visit. If you’re looking for something more than just sunbathing on the beach, there are plenty of attractions that will keep you entertained while in this vibrant city. One of the most popular things to do in Memphis is visit the National Civil Rights Museum. This museum tells the story of our country’s struggle for civil rights through real life stories and artifacts from history. It offers visitors an intimate experience that allows them to experience what it was like during those times. Another must-see attraction in Memphis is Graceland, which has been turned into an Elvis Presley theme park since his death in 1977 (although it was originally built as a home). You can take pictures by his grave site or enjoy one of many themed tours throughout the property! If your kids are interested in animals or nature then head over to The Memphis Zoo where they can see everything from tigers and giraffes alligators – even monkeys! There’s also aquarium exhibits with sharks rays sea turtles penguins fish etc.

Affordable Pricing on Rentals

Renting a limousine is affordable. There are many factors that determine the price of renting a limo, but your budget and group size are not among them. Whether you’re looking for a birthday party rental or wedding transportation options, Party Bus Memphis can help you find exactly what you need to make sure everyone has fun on their big day!

Travel Across All Around Tennessee

Kids Limousine Rental Transportation Services from Party Bus Memphis is the perfect way to get around when you’re traveling with your family or friends. We can take you to some of the most exciting destinations in Tennessee, including:

  • Memphis, TN
  • Nashville, TN
  • Chattanooga, TN
  • Knoxville, TN
  • Jackson, TN
  • Clarksville, TN
  • Murfreesboro, TN
  • Franklin and more…

What Is Kid Party Transportation Services?

Kid Party Transportation Services are a great way to get your kids around town. We can also help you get them to their destination on time, and we can help you get them to their party! Kid transportation services are an exciting and efficient way for families with children of all ages to make sure that everyone gets where they need to go in one piece. It’s easy for parents who are running late or just don’t feel like dealing with traffic and parking issues when life gets busy, so why not let us take care of the driving?

How Getting Transportation Makes Your Kid Party Great

It is time to make your kids birthday party great. It is as easy as getting the right transportation for your kid’s party. Whether you are looking for a limo or party bus, Party Bus Memphis will make it unforgettable.

Which Vehicle Is Right For My Group?

In the past, it was difficult to find a limousine rental company that could accommodate your party bus needs. Party Bus Memphis is here to make your life a little easier with our wide range of vehicles and seating arrangements. We have several different sizes for you to choose from: The Luxury Sedan – This vehicle is perfect for smaller groups of 2-4 people. It has two seats up front and four seats in the back. The Mini Van – This vehicle is great for larger groups who want 8+ passengers but don’t need many amenities or space. It has eight seats total: five in the back, two on either side facing forward, and one driver’s seat which can be turned around so that there are seven passenger seats facing toward each other while still leaving room for one more person behind them when they’re not driving! Our Party Buses – We also offer 14-passenger buses with multiple seating arrangements available so that everyone gets an amazing view from their own window or couch!

Steps To Rent Your Limo, Party Bus, or Charter Bus To Kids Birthday Party

When you’re preparing for a kid’s birthday party, there are some key factors to keep in mind when deciding on transportation. You want the right vehicle for your group size and budget, as well as the type of event you’re hosting—whether it’s at a park or an indoor facility. If your location requires a vehicle that can drop off guests at one entrance and pick them up at another, consider renting an extended-length limo bus or party bus instead. And don’t forget about timing! If your child is celebrating their first birthday with family and friends, you’ll need plenty of time to get everyone where they need to be before things start heating up..

Kids Birthday Party Frequently Asked Questions

Once the party is over, the kids all want to go home. What is the best way to get there? Taxis and shuttle buses are not an option at this time of night. We recommend renting a limousine bus so that you can take your kids home safely and comfortably. You will be able to rest assured that they are safe in their car seats or booster seats and will arrive at their homes without any hassle or driving stress.

So, if you are looking for a kids birthday party limousine rental in Memphis, Tennessee or the surrounding area and want to experience what it’s like to be an adult again then contact Party Bus Memphis today. We have many different vehicles from which you can choose from including mini buses and party buses. We also offer pickup service so that you don’t have to worry about driving after having fun with friends and family members. Let us help make your next event memorable by providing reliable transportation services at competitive prices!

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