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When you’re organizing a party, it’s important to make sure that everyone who attends feels like they’re getting the best experience possible. There are lots of ways to do this: great food, fun activities, and even transportation can all be part of the package. If you want to treat your guests to something special when they arrive in Memphis TN, consider reserving one of our luxury limousines! We have everything from Hummer limos and SUV limos down to classic stretch Town Cars. No matter what kind of vehicle you choose or how many people will be riding around in it (we recommend at least four), we promise that your ride will be safe and fun!

Limo Service in Memphis

Memphis limousines are a great way to experience Memphis, Tennessee. They’re affordable, safe and fun for you and your group of friends or family. You can rent them for any occasion including weddings or birthdays. When booking a limo rental in Memphis, TN you don’t have to worry about being stranded without a ride home when it’s time to leave. A driver will be provided at no extra cost so that’s one less thing you’ll have to think about while planning your special day!

Memphis Limo Rentals Near me

A Memphis limo rental is a great way to see the city from the comfort of your own vehicle. I’ve spent years exploring Memphis, and there’s just no better way to do it than with a private chauffeur! Reserve now: The first step in renting a limo is to make sure that your reservation is set up with the company of your choice.

Limousine Company in Memphis

If you’re looking for a limo company in Memphis, TN, look no further than Party Bus Memphis. We offer the best prices for our limo rentals and have a team in Shelby County and throughout Tennessee. We have a fleet of limousines, party buses and luxury SUVs that can accommodate your every need. Our fleet includes: Esacalade Limos- -Chrysler 300 Luxury limos-Lincoln Limos (seats up to 12 passengers) & more!

Why Choose Party Bus Memphis TN?

Party Bus Memphis TN is a locally-owned company that has been providing transportation services for over 10 years. We offer affordable limo rental rates, luxury SUV rentals and Hummer limos. We also have Sprinter limo buses, which are perfect for larger groups or travelers with their own entourage who want their own bus to themselves.

Luxury Limousine Options

When you think of renting a limousine, you may picture the old school stretch limos that have been popular for decades. However, there are now many different types of luxury vehicles from which to choose. The most common is the SUV Hummer Limo rental. This offers many of the same features as a traditional limo but has the added benefit of being more spacious and comfortable for those who want extra room in their travel experience. Another option for those looking for something different is an exotic limo. Exotic cars like Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Porsches can be rented to create your own one-of-a-kind experience! These cars offer all the benefits of luxury vehicles without sacrificing any style or class like some other options might do! No matter what type of vehicle you decide upon using our site will help find exactly what you need so that everyone can enjoy themselves while traveling around Memphis Tennessee or anywhere else they visit one day soon!

Luxury Limo Pricing Explained

The average cost of a luxury limo rental depends on many factors, including the size and type of vehicle you choose. There are several different types of vehicles available for your Memphis limo rental: Sedan – A sedan is typically considered the smallest vehicle option in this category and will generally seat around four to six passengers comfortably. The average rate for a sedan is $100-$150 per hour. SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) – An SUV can seat up to ten passengers comfortably, though there are some that hold up to fifteen people if you need more room for your party. The average rate for an SUV is $200-$250 per hour. Party Bus – A party bus can hold anywhere from 15-25 passengers comfortably and features multiple televisions with DVD players, as well as its own sound system so you can really get down while you’re driving around town! The average rate for a party bus is $600-$800 per day with an 8 hour minimum charge or $150-$200 per hour depending on how long you need it rented out for (with no minimum time required).

SUV Hummer Limo Rentals

We’re experts at what we do, and it shows in our Hummer limo rentals. You can also expect: First class service from us. They will greet you with a smile and help with luggage if needed. The best customer care from us, from booking to drop-off, so that your experience is always memorable. If you want to make an impression on your guests or clients, then consider adding an Exotic Limo Option to your rental request! We have several options available for all types of occasions.

Hummer Limo Pricing Explained

Pricing is based on the size of the vehicle, number of passengers and rental duration. Prices fluctuate depending on how many hours your vehicle is being rented for. For example, a Hummer limo can cost $200 per hour if you’re renting it for only two hours, but it could cost up to $300 per hour if you’re renting it for four hours or more. If you want to rent a Hummer limo for more than six hours (and we recommend this), then we’ll give you a great option.

First Class Service

Party Bus Memphis is one of the top limo companies in the country, offering a first-class service at a first-class price. We provide an unparalleled experience and attention to detail for our customers and are proud of our reputation as a leading provider of luxury transportation services throughout Memphis Tennessee. First class doesn’t mean expensive; it means quality! At Party Bus Memphis we understand that every customer’s needs are different, which is why we strive to provide personalized service for each trip. Whether you’re celebrating your birthday or going out on the town with friends, our buses will make sure you get there safely and in style!

Exotic Limo Options

Luxury Limo Options: Party Bus Memphis’s luxury limousines are perfect for the classiest of occasions. Choose from a selection of high-end vehicles and make your next event unforgettable with an exotic limo option. SUV Hummer Limo Rentals: Our SUV Hummers are the ultimate in luxury transportation, making them perfect for any event or special occasion you’re celebrating. Hummer Limo Pricing Explained: The cost of renting a luxury vehicle like our Hummers depends on many factors including how long you need it for and whether or not it requires any additional services such as champagne service, cold beverages, etc. Please visit our website to see current prices for all available luxury classes and packages we offer here at Party Bus Memphis! First Class Service: When choosing Party Bus Memphis as your rental company, you can rest assured knowing that our staff will provide first class service throughout every step of your experience with us – from booking through picking up after! We also work hard at keeping costs low so that everyone has access to these amazing experiences without breaking their budget (or pocketbook).

Shuttle To The Wedding Venue

If you are a guest, it is nice to arrive in style. A limousine is a fun way to travel to the wedding. It is especially great if you are traveling with other people and want to arrive before everyone else does. It can be hard for guests to find their way around when there are so many people at the wedding venue. The shuttle from Party Bus Memphis will make sure that your group gets where they need to go safely and on time!

Sprinter Limo Drop Off For Sport Teams

The Sprinter limo drop off for sport teams is perfect when you need to get from one location to another in a safe, efficient and timely manner. Whether you’re traveling with your team or family and friends, our Sprinters will ensure that everyone arrives on time and ready for action. We have the right vehicle for any occasion! With Party Bus Memphis’ fleet of Sprinters, we can provide transportation services for any event: weddings; proms; sporting events; sightseeing tours; conventions; corporate events; nights out on the town…if it involves travel by bus or limousine in Memphis Tennessee, then we can help!

School Bus Rentals For Perfect School Trips

For schools and other groups, school bus rentals are a great way to transport students. Corporate travel is safe and convenient in Party Bus Memphis limos. If you’re planning on taking your students on an exciting field trip, consider renting party buses from Party Bus Memphis. With our fleet of luxurious limousine buses, your kids will have plenty of space to stretch out and enjoy themselves while they are away from home!

Book Corporate Travel Limousine Buses

If you’re looking for a corporate limo bus to meet your business travel needs, Party Bus Memphis has the perfect solution. We offer a wide range of vehicles to accommodate all types of groups traveling on business or leisure. They can also help with luggage and set up tables if you need to make room for presentations in your vehicle. We’ll even coordinate with other transportation services so that everyone’s trip goes smoothly from start to finish!

Prom and Formal Limo Shuttle Service

You can rent a limo for prom night. The limo can pick up your date, parents and friends. The limo can take you to the prom and then take you to an after party or back home.

Easy Transportation For Greek Events in Party Buses

Greek events are a great way to celebrate the culture and traditions of the Greek people, who have been considered one of the oldest civilizations in human history. Greek events are also a fantastic way to bring people together, especially if they share common interests. Most importantly, however, Greek events are an excellent opportunity for all guests to enjoy themselves. With Party Bus Memphis on hand to drive you around town and show you some of Memphis Tennessee’s most beautiful sights, there is no excuse not to have fun at a Greek event! Since Party Bus Memphis specializes in providing vehicles for large groups traveling together (whether it be for business purposes or personal reasons), we understand that planning ahead is crucial when booking transportation services like ours. This means that we can accommodate any type of group size imaginable—from just two people up through several dozen—and our fleet includes everything from limousines and party buses right down through minibuses or hatchbacks so there truly isn’t anything stopping us from helping ensure your next trip goes off without any problems whatsoever!

Affordable Homecoming Bus Rentals

Whether you’re planning a homecoming party bus or a homecoming party bus rental, Party Bus Memphis is here to help. With our fleet of luxurious and affordable vehicles, we can accommodate up to 20 passengers—and that’s not including any extra space for luggage! If you want to make sure everyone has the best time possible on their way back from the airport, book your group transportation with us today. We’ve got numerous options available for groups of all sizes and budgets. No matter what kind of vehicle you need, we’re here to help!

Travel Comfortably With Pub Crawl Minibuses

You will be able to travel comfortably with Party Bus Memphis. You can travel in a minibus, which is a great way to travel with a group of people. The minibus has plenty of space for luggage and passengers to sit down comfortably. The party bus has plenty of space for luggage so you can enjoy your trip without worrying about where you will put all your bags and belongings. The party bus also has a large amount of space for passengers to sit down, so everyone in the group can have their own seat on the bus when they are travelling together.

Wine Tour Trips in Limousines

A wine tour is when you visit several wineries in one day, sampling wines and eating delicious food. A limo wine tour takes this concept to the next level by pairing a driver with top-notch service – allowing you to sit back and relax while enjoying your favorite beverages. When you book with Party Bus Memphis, you can choose one of two different times: 10am or 2pm. The 2pm experience will last approximately 3 hours, while the 10am experience will last approximately 4 hours (with an additional hour added on for lunch). Our buses will pick up at whatever location specified by our customer, then take them to each winery on their list. Along the way they’ll make sure that your glasses are always full as well as providing valuable information about what you’re seeing along the way! Once at your first stop for tasting time (each of which lasts about 30 minutes), there are plenty of opportunities available including cheese boards from local vendors like Vino Veritas Winery & Distillery Co., chocolate-covered strawberries from Little River Farms Vineyard & Winery Incorporated or even sandwiches from Farmhouse Restaurant & Barbecue Pit Incorporated!

Steps To Rent Your Limo Service

When you hire the Party Bus Memphis, you will be given an estimate of the total cost of your trip. This estimate includes all charges such as driver fee and additional taxes. If you are not satisfied with their quote, you can ask them to revise it before booking a ride for your party. But if you are okay with their price and want to proceed with the booking process, then simply move on to step 2 below!

Memphis is one of the most visited cities in Tennessee. The city is famous for its music, food and culture. Collierville is another popular city where you can find great places to eat, shop and see some amazing attractions. This city has a lot of attractions that are worth a visit including Graceland Mansion, Pink Palace Museum and Memphis Zoo. If you want to experience something different from what other travelers have experienced on their vacations then this would be the best place for you as it contains much more than just Elvis Presley’s home. Millington Tennessee is also one of the most visited cities in Tennessee because it provides excellent facilities for travelers who wish to spend some time here with their friends or family members while exploring this beautiful place full of stunning landscapes that will take your breath away whenever you happen to visit them during any season throughout year round!

Attractions in Memphis Tennessee

Memphis is home to a number of attractions that can be enjoyed by visitors, including: Memphis Zoo – The Memphis Zoo features more than 2,000 animals and hosts a number of special events throughout the year. The zoo has been voted as one of the best zoos in America and offers great views from its observation towers. Memphis Botanic Garden – This garden features more than 30 acres of beautiful landscaping including plants native to the area or ones that thrive here because of their unique characteristics like full sun exposure or being drought-resistant. Many events are held at this site throughout the year such as festivals celebrating beer or wine (or both). In addition to events, there are also tours available for children who want to learn more about various subjects such as insects found near our area as well as how these animals interact with other species we share our environment with!

Airports We Service in Memphis Tennessee

Memphis International Airport is the main airport serving Memphis, Tennessee. It is located in Millington, about 16 miles southeast of downtown Memphis. There are three other airports near Memphis as well: Memphis Downtown Airport is a general aviation airport that handles mostly private flights, with some business and charter passenger service. It’s located just west of Uptown Memphis, about 4 miles from downtown. The Memphis Regional Airport serves mostly cargo flights and has no scheduled passenger service (though it has been used for charter operations). It’s located on Mud Island in the Mississippi River between downtown and southwest Memphis, just east of Interstate 55/Interstate 240 interchange. Millington Regional Jetport provides public charter airline service to various destinations primarily outside Tennessee; it also offers some business aviation services at its executive terminal. Located outside Millington near Lakeland Community College and Shelby Farms Park just northeast of Midtown West, this small facility doesn’t have any regularly scheduled commercial passenger flights—but it does offer free parking for up to six hours with no time limit on how long you can stay (since there aren’t any gates or security checkpoints!)

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